BE Fair, Healthy and Yourself. The new 100% natural and ethical juice drink straight out of Bristol.

The Beginning

Here at BE, we looked around the world of drinks and saw a few things that needed changing. We've decided to mix things up with our new juices, but our principles? Unshakeable.

Be Healthy

We noticed that a lot of juice drinks out there add an awful lot of sugar, and almost no real fruit. Did you know that juice drinks only have to contain 2% juice? Neither did we. So, we took fruit, veggies and a splash of water to make thirst-quenching, low-sugar drinks that still count as one of your Five a Day.

Be Fair

We believe in ethical trading and wanted to make a meaningful difference through our supply chain and, therefore, in the way we do business every day. That is why our products are Fairtrade and always will be.

Be Yourself

We, as people, want to Be more than just healthy and fair – we want to Be all kinds of wonderful things. So we matched palate with personality, making each of our drinks represent a little bit of peoples’ character that we admire and always want to Be.

Our Flavours

We have six delicious flavours and each one has character.

What do you fancy being?

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It’s hard to be original these days, but our O.J. manages it – Fairtrade orange juice with a splash of water makes this drink light and refreshing – and so, ‘naturally,’ it’s lower in sugar. Just what you need for some light refreshment – an authentic classic with a twist. Sounds like you? Then go on, be Original.

A refreshing drink? Wonderful. Being a refreshing person? Even better. Luckily, with this you can be both. Fairtrade apple juice with a splash of water makes this drink light and refreshing – and so, ‘naturally,’ it’s lower in sugar. That makes a refreshing change. So, all you have to do is be your unique and unconventional self.

This is for you passionate and quick-tempered ladies and gents. Beautifully sweet peach and spinach that gives you the smug feeling of knowing you are eating your greens, and a fiery ginger kick up the jacksie. So even if your boss doesn’t like how spirited and lively you are – we do.

The perfect match of raspberry, blackcurrant and beetroot. Beetroot in a juice?! Not a problem for you risk-taking, undaunted daredevils.

Even for you less brave folks out there – trust us; push the boat out and be adventurous. It’ll be worth it.

Being vibrant means you are full of energy and life, so this was made especially for you up and at ‘em types.

This delicious juice is bursting with the fresh taste of oranges and carrots to put that zing in your step. Bold, bright and vibrant as they come – get out there and dazzle them.

Sometimes, you want to be that guy that pretends to listen to jazz. Sometimes, you just want a drink that is sweet and mellow as you are. Look no further, because this little bottle is the ‘smooth’ operator you’ve been looking for. Calmer notes of mango have been whizzed up with just a kick of lime, so go get ‘em tiger.

Be Fair

Buying Be means that you’re supporting the farmers who made it possible.

As well as a Fairtrade minimum price and good working conditions, Fairtrade farmers receive and additional premium. This can be put towards the development of their communities such as setting up schools, buying medical supplies or building new infrastructures.

In short, by choosing BE you’ve done a bit of good, all whilst enjoying a tasty 100% natural drink.