An Honest Guide to Freshers

Starting uni this month? We know how daunting it can be so we thought we’d help you out a bit…

First of all, we would like to say, if you are googling a guide to freshers – STOP. There’s no real way of doing it and being yourself is very important – something that can get really lost when you are trying to make friends and fit in.

BUT, as you are here, we will give you just a few tips that would’ve made our lives easier – also, they go against most advice we have been seeing…


Just don’t. People will tell you all kinds of stuff about first year averages being important and, you know what, it has NEVER turned out to be true. First year is the only year you have independence without pressure or responsibility so enjoy it! Or you’ll end up looking back and wishing you did when you are slaving over your dissertation and cursing freshers who are unnecessarily taking up library space. As a wise final year once said to me when I was a fresher, “if you get above 40%, you’re trying too hard”.


Freshers means drinking every night, a lot of cheesy chips at the end of a night and even more cheese-based hangover food the next day. Let me tell you the cold hard truth, over the year you will see the “freshers 15 pounds” creep up on yourself and/or others. Be weary. Try to cook healthy food, get your vitamins and Five a Day. Uni has loads of great sports teams and societies to join that can keep you active too.


Freshers week may have been the only time I have managed 9 nights on the tiles in a row. Trust me, you will soon look back on your resilient fresher self and wonder how on earth you managed it. But, you will – so you need to be prepared to troop on when you think you’ve got nothing left in you. Water and berocca will be your friends. However, I personally found a Pimm’s is the ideal cure for a hangover. At one point, you will be struck down by the dreaded fresher’s flu. Don’t let it stop you. Rest in the day, stay hydrated and don’t miss a moment of the freshers madness.


It’s your first time living in shared accommodation and it is a minefield. Different people have different ways of doing things and soon a delicate balance will form SO try not to mess it up. Don’t eat their food, do your washing up, don’t be the person who makes the bathroom mysteriously soaking (how?) and try to keep the peace.. You might be stuck with them for a while.


We are not saying you should fill an 18 litre bin with 15 different types of alcohol and drink it through a straw. We can tell you from experience that it didn’t end well. However, get involved in the fancy dress, get some drinking games going with your new pals and you’re sure to have a great time. Enjoy it while it lasts…


So there you go. Our simple guide to freshers. Have a laugh and don’t embarrass yourself too much.

Be Drinks team x


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