Use code "August" 

& get 50% off

any case of 24 cans 

 Use code "August" 

& get 50% off

any case of 24 cans 

BE Fair & Healthy BUBBLY range has 60% juice and 40% spring water in each can. 

  • 1 of your 5 a day

  • Fairtrade Certified

  • Less than 79 Kcals per 250 ml can

  • 4 deliciously fruity flavours

  • Just juice and water - no nasties at all!

  • Lightly sparkling





About Us


BE DRINKS was founded in the South of England in 2019. We are a small but passionate drinks business.  BE Bubbly was born when we couldn't find a natural, ethical,  tasty and refreshing drink when out and about! So we set about making our own range! We produce only Fairtrade drinks while embracing health, vitality and fun. 



A small company making a BIG difference

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Improving communities

Fair Price 

Orange Basket
Farmer Holding Fruit

Decent working conditions

We only produce Fairtrade Certified Drinks.

We source our fruit from Fairtrade farmers around the world.

By buying Fairtrade we know that the Fairtrade farmers get a fair price for their produce.

This means the farmer gets at least a set minimum price that covers their production costs and usually a higher price is paid in line or above current market price.

The Fairtrade foundation also ensures that farmers have decent working conditions and use sustainable farming methods.

In addition to the price paid for the produce a Fairtrade premium is also paid, this is given to the Farmers, they can use as they see fit to reinvest into their farms and communities.

By buying Fairtrade products you are driving demand ensuring  Fairtrade farmers in developing countries have the opportunity to sell their produce at a fair price that allows them and their employees to have a good standard of living, decent working conditions and use sustainable farming methods which are better for the environment too.


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Winchester, Hampshire, England.

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